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Unified Rewards and Recognition: Driving Success Through Employee Appreciation

Updated: 7 days ago

Almost 58% of employees feel undervalued in an organization, leading to disengagement and reduced productivity. It also contributes to quiet quitting and high turnover rates.

That's why Reward and Recognition (RnR) programs are so important. They boost employee engagement, improve workplace morale, and enhance overall company performance. For transportation and logistics professionals, it is more so as they inspire employees to follow proper safety protocols.

Let’s understand the importance of employee appreciation from railroad staff Jake Sanders’ story.

From Hero to Heartbreak: Jake’s Journey Through Recognition and Redemption

One scorching summer afternoon in Phoenix, Jake was hard at work inspecting the tracks. Knowing every twist and turn like the back of his hand, he spotted a hairline crack that could weaken the structural integrity of the tracks and cause a train to derail, leading to severe accidents and potential loss of life. He quickly issued a high-priority ticket and reported it to his line manager. Within 10 minutes, a backup team arrived, and repairs began swiftly. Jake felt thrilled, knowing he had saved hundreds of lives!

Jake received high praise on the employee acknowledgment platform for his prompt action and felt truly appreciated. Excited, he selected a pair of cooler headphones for his gaming console from the redemption platform and emailed HR to provision them for him, as he couldn't do it himself. He waited eagerly for a few days to hear back from HR and get his headphones. Checking the platform again, he noticed the headphones were now in limited stock. Growing anxious, he emailed HR again, but they were swamped with other tasks and missed his email. A couple of days later, when HR finally went to provision Jake’s request, to his disappointment, the headphones were out of stock. The acknowledgment no longer felt sweet as disappointment washed over him, turning his moment of triumph into a bitter reminder of missed opportunities.

The Ripple Effect: Consequences of Disjointed RnR Strategies

The fragmented nature of most employee appreciation platforms often breeds chaos, presenting a number of challenges. Jake found himself mired in frustration due to his company's disjointed system, a sentiment likely shared by many of his colleagues.

Why does a non-unified RnR platform fail to serve its purpose?

  • A disjointed platform leaves employees confused and dissatisfied: Take Jake, for instance. He was thrilled to order new headphones for his gaming console, only to be frustrated when they were out of stock by the time the HR could provision them for him. The essence of rewarding an employee was completely lost here.

  • Delayed redemption due to HR and managerial manual handling of redemption: Among other important tasks, HR finds it challenging to keep tabs on everyone's awards and redemption, which can delay the redemption process. While others may enjoy their department's rewards, Jake misses out like many others too, turning HR's recognition redemption handling into a nightmare.

Maximizing Efficiency and Retention with Comprehensive RnR Solutions

The motive of a rewards and recognition program is to keep employees motivated, engaged and satisfied. Redeeming rewards should not become a hindrance for them, like it did for Jake.

Research shows that unified reward and recognition programs are highly effective. According to one such study by Aon Hewitt, the world's top global human resource consulting and outsourcing firm, companies with strong employee appreciation programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates than those with weak programs.

More importantly, unified RnR programs can :

  • Accelerate award redemption: Help employees to redeem the awards instantly without any waits and delays for someone else to order the eGift cards.

  • Simplifies redemption process: By giving the redemption in the hands of the employee where they can quickly redeem instead of the dependency and manual handling by HR or managers.

  • Reduce attrition rate: When employees feel valued for their efforts, they are more likely to remain with the organization.

  • Provides safer workplaces: Happy employees tend to follow safety protocols better reducing workplace injuries as the awards encourage good behaviors.

  • Increase overall improved productivity: A report by Bersin & Associates found that companies that excel at honoring employees in the right manner are 12 times more likely to generate strong business results.

These statistics underscore the importance of implementing a comprehensive and unified rewards and recognition program like Pravici's.

The Pravici Advantage: How unified RnR Enhances Employee Experience

Pravici, aims to revolutionize the workplace experience by providing a comprehensive rewards and recognition platform that boosts employee engagement, encourages safety, enhances productivity, and reduces turnover, ultimately fostering a more motivated and productive workforce.

Pravici's RnR platform stands out with leading edge capabilities such as:

  • Unified platform with seamless recognition and redemption: Pravici provides a comprehensive user portal enabling easy giving, receiving, and redemption of points that can be redeemed for eGift cards, products, and services. It offers a single robust platform for both recognizing employees and allowing them to seamlessly redeem their points.

  • Custom RnR platform: Pravici understands that one size doesn’t fit all. It offers a unique advantage over other platforms by enabling the operation of customized, multiple recognition and reward programs simultaneously. This flexibility allows companies to tailor programs to individual departments and the organization as a whole.

  • Unique multi-value Point Value System: Pravici’s unique multi-value point system, curated by admins, empowers your company to provide interesting and exciting games and quests that will spur activity and engagement.

  • Network of 200+ merchants: Pravici boasts integration with 200+ top-tier vendors and merchants, giving a wide array of options for staff and colleagues to redeem points.

  • Custom admin control & offer engine: Pravici gives program managers powerful tools for precise control and tracking of reward programs based on performance. Its offer engine enables effortless earning, redeeming, and converting of points, empowering companies to drive engagement effectively.

So, Jake wouldn't have to wait for multiple manual steps to redeem his award with Pravici and he would be happy to redeem it for the headphones he has been eyeing for some time!

Beyond Bureaucracy: Redefining Recognition with Pravici RnR

Sadly, Jake’s journey from hero to heartbreak is not uncommon in workplaces worldwide, where employees often feel undervalued and disengaged due to inefficient RnR strategies.

However, there is hope on the horizon, embodied by innovative solutions like Pravici. By offering a unified platform for recognition and rewards, it empowers employees like Jake to seamlessly translate their hard work into tangible benefits without the bureaucratic hurdles that typically plague other systems.

With features like a unique multi-value point system, a vast network of merchants, custom RnR programs for departments and functional groups and customizable admin controls, Pravici not only enhances employee experience but also helps drive productivity, collaboration, and ultimately, organizational success.

By embracing comprehensive and unified RnR solutions, companies can create environments where employees like Jake feel valued, motivated, and empowered to achieve greatness. And in doing so, they pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

By embracing comprehensive and unified RnR solutions, companies can create environments where employees like Jake feel valued, motivated, and empowered to achieve greatness. And in doing so, they pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

Start recognizing and rewarding your employees the right way. Reach out to Pravici today!

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