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Pravici RnR
Improve Teamwork Using Recognition and Rewards

Pravici RnR provides the end-to-end reward experience to employees, colleagues and customers. Whether you deploy a top-down rewards model, or peer-to-peer, the RnR platform is a cost-effective way to deliver your employee or colleague rewards program.

The power of recognition

Studies conducted by Gallup reveal:

68% of employees feel under appreciated.

Doubling the number of employees being recognized resulted in...


A 9% improvement in productivity


A 22% decrease in absenteeism and safety incidents.

Standard HR Employee Rewards

Flexible Award Engine allows your team to define unique rewards and manage point distribution

Peer-to-Peer Rewards

Allow your workers and colleagues to award each other seamlessly using your preferred collaboration suite

Redeem Rewards Immediately

There are over 200 high-quality options available for your award receiving staff and colleagues to redeem points.


Pravici RnR is a toolkit that provides you with all the customization options to build an Employee Rewards program from scratch.

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Enjoy the latest technology in the Pravici Toolkit:

Program Admin

Pravici RnR's Administration tools allows for fine-grained controls at your fingertips.


Award Creation

Create offers to earn, burn, or convert points and rewards.

(e.g. Employee of the Month Reward)

Redeem Portal

Portal for employees and members to exchange their points for eGift Cards or other products and services.

Easy Integration

Easily connect to existing CRM, POS, and HRIS and enhance the system with a comprehensive set of API


Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate Pravici RnR with your business collaboration app, such as Slack or Teams, so fellow employees can engage in peer-to-peer recognition to promote team camaraderie.

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