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Real-Time Point Exchange with Pravici WPX

Single-direction, bi-directional and multi-directional point exchanges increase your member options

Pravici WPX provides the point exchange blockchain (Patented) to facilitate real-time point exchanges by enabling provable settlement finality.  If you want to establish a single point exchange partner, or an entire set of partners, the WPX SaaS has what you need

*no credit card required

Launch your own Point Exchange Platform

Using the blockchain based ledger and the Pravici SaaS WPX, you can launch and control a PX ecosystem for yourself or on behalf of others

Real-Time Point Exchange

Expand and enhance your member experience by allowing them to exchange their loyalty points of complementary programs like travel 

Easily Integrate with PX partners

Whether your point exchange plans include 100 options or just 2, the Pravici WPX SaaS is easy to join and connect to

WPX Subscription Pricing

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