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Key things you need to know about being a manager can be learned from the movie Office Space

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Hey, um, whats happening...

Here are 5 nuggets from the movie along with problem and solution for each:

  • Your employees can collaborate and work against you. Your employees can collaborate and work FOR you. Make sure you foster a culture of good collaboration.

  • Everyone has 8 bosses that they feel answerable to. Protect your direct reports from these intruders.

  • Random process changes (like implementing a new TPS cover sheet or increasing 'flair' requirements) are a distraction. Minimize unnecessary distractions and this will allow the team to focus on priority items.

  • “The fear of losing your job will only make you work hard enough to not get fired”. The key here is motivation. Figure out how to honestly motivate, and you will unleash peoples’ superpowers.

  • Everyone has their ideal situation, and their current role may not be the one. We do everyone a favor when we help each other find their place.

Stay tuned for our next blog post when we discuss Sales Management:


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