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Pravici RNR - Employee and Colleague Rewards

Peer-to-peer coupled with traditional rewards increase collaboration and enthusiasm

Pravici RNR provides the end-to-end reward experience to employees, colleagues and customers.  Whether you deploy a top-down rewards model, or peer-to-peer, the RNR platform is a cost-effective way to deliver your employee or colleague rewards program

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Standard HR Employee Rewards

Flexible Award Engine allows your team to define unique rewards and manage point distribution

Peer-to-Peer Rewards

Allow your workers and colleagues to award each other seamlessly using your preferred collaboration suite

Redeem Rewards Immediately

There are over 200 high-quality options available for your award receiving staff and colleagues to redeem points.

RNR Subscription Pricing


Slack Integration with Pravici RnR

Simplify rewards by integrating with your Slack workspace

Integrate with the Pravici system to send points to members directly through Slack. You can also check your balance and access the Pravici RnR portal straight from Slack using slash commands.

Installation Instructions

Connecting Slack to your Pravici RnR instance

1. Add the RnR app to your Slack workspace

2. Generate an RnR API token

3. Configure the Slack app

4. Enjoy!

Easy install, just click this button!

Add to Slack

a) Log in to your RnR instance - you must be an issuer admin.

If you do not have your own RnR instance you can use our live test site - just make sure you login as the issuer

b) Click My Account

c) Click New API Key

d) Enter your API key details. Any name should do and you have the option to add an expiration and limit permissions. You will at least need the proxy permissions as well as Send, Accrue, and Redeem

e) Click create and keep this key in a safe place

From Slack run the /rnr-configure command. You will need to provide your Pravici RnR URL as well as the API key you just generated. For example, you could write:

/rnr-configure MyNewApiKey

Now users in your Slack channel can use all the Pravici RnR Slack commands available! At any time, you can use 

/rnr-help to see instructions

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